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Action is the antidote to despair.
-- Joan Baez


Saturday, January 16, 1999

Cool it

Actions taken in anger are at best ineffective. Anything done in anger will almost surely lead to regret. Most things done in anger are blind and unthinking reactions, rather than controlled and intentional responses. When you let your anger take over your actions, you put yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

The best thing to do when gripped by anger is to wait. Count to ten. Count to 100. Sleep on it. Think it through. Talk it over. Get past the anger of the moment before you take the next step. Certainly anger can provide energy, but it is almost always a reckless and uncontrolled energy which harms anything in its proximity, including you.

Acting in anger hurts you at least as much as anyone else. Wait out your anger. The energy does not go away. Instead, it becomes more focused and productive. Whatever caused your anger, there’s something positive you can do about it. When you take time to let the anger cool, you’ll find that positive course. Be smart. Cool off and be a real winner.

— Ralph Marston

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