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Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.
-- Dale Carnegie


Tuesday, January 12, 1999

The price

Those who truly appreciate things of value are willing to pay the price for them. Those who will not pay the price are doomed to experience a never-ending frustration. Everything of value has a price. If there is something you wish to have or to accomplish, you must pay the price.

When you accept that the price must be paid, then it really doesn’t seem so bad. Most of the pain of paying the price is in overcoming your own resistance. As you become more gratefully and cheerfully willing pay the price -- whether that price be in money, time, or effort -- you naturally summon the resources that enable you to indeed pay that price and achieve whatever you desire.

When you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll find a way to pay the price. And when you’re able to pay the price, whatever you desire is yours.

— Ralph Marston

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