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Do an evening review at the end of the day to reflect on what went well, and what you'd do differently next time.
-- Marilyn Suttle


Saturday, December 26, 1998

Reality of commitment

It is easy to be committed when things are comfortable and free of challenge. The true value of commitment comes when the going gets rough. When we make a commitment, we commit to the ideal. Following through on the commitment goes far beyond the ideal, and into reality. Often that reality can be gritty and uncomfortable. Yet if we’re to remain committed to the ideal, we must learn to adapt, and deal with the reality.

Marriage, children, careers, spiritual faith, business relationships -- they all inspire commitment, and they all have the potential to deal out very harsh doses of reality. As we strive toward the ideal, we must work through the less-than-ideal reality.

Meaningful commitments are made carefully and selectively, and then maintained through every difficulty. Such are the commitments which bear the most abundant rewards. Any commitment worth making is worth all the real-life, day-to-day support you can give to it.

— Ralph Marston

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