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There is no education like adversity.
-- Benjamin Disraeli


Friday, December 18, 1998

Nourish your dreams

Before a tree can grow tall, it must first send its roots down into the ground to gather nourishment. In the same way, if your dreams are to be achieved, you must first find a way to nourish and sustain them.

It is unrealistic to expect that you can reach for the stars without first gaining a foothold on solid ground. Dreaming is easy -- an exercise in pure fantasy. Going after the dream in the real world requires a substance of effort.

Without an extensive root system, even the tallest, mightiest tree would topple. Without learning, discipline, integrity, commitment, persistence, patience and effort, even the most magnificent dream will crumble.

Your dreams and goals are worth nourishing. Spread your roots deep enough and wide enough, and there’s no limit to how high you can reach.

— Ralph Marston

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