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The moment of change is the only poem.
-- Adrienne Rich


Monday, December 7, 1998

Watch those assumptions

The other night I walked into the family room and spotted our dog sitting on the floor, right up next to a cushion from the sofa, happily chewing away. I marched over to her, took her head in my hands and pointed her face toward mine, looked her directly in the eyes, and in my best alpha-male voice said, in no uncertain terms, “NO!!!"

Then, with her head still in my hands, I looked down and discovered that she had in fact not been chewing on the sofa cushion, but on a new chew bone which we had just given her. The cushion had likely been kicked on the floor by one of the children, and just happened to be right next to her.

Now, I’m fairly certain that she understands “no” but she most certainly does not understand “oops.” So, to my heartbreaking frustration, there was no way I could take back the scolding that I had just delivered.

We all make assumptions every day. Without them, we could not get anything done. Still, it pays to remember that things are not always as they appear. That’s especially important when you’re doing something that cannot be easily reversed.

Watch those assumptions. Be sure they’re correct before you act, or you could get some growls directed your way.

— Ralph Marston

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