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Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.
-- Mark Twain


Thursday, December 3, 1998

Who is holding you back?

What if someone were to actively prevent you from achieving success? What if there was a person who sabotaged your efforts at every turn? How would you feel about that person? What if that person was constantly coming up with reasons to discourage you, always talking you out of taking action?

What if that person was you? It very well may be.

Quite possibly, you are your own worst enemy, when it comes to pursuing success and achievement. Do you ever catch yourself saying “I could never do that"? Does that little voice inside you express disdain for your goals, and come up with dozens of reasons why they can’t be achieved?

The limitations placed on you require your cooperation if they’re to hold you back. The good news is, you don’t have to cooperate. That little voice inside your head can say anything you want it to say.

Do you really want to be the primary advocate for your own limitations? Of course not! Just imagine what you could accomplish if you were one hundred percent supportive of yourself. Now, stop imagining and start living it. Your limitations are powerless without your cooperation, so choose to leave them behind in the dust as you reach for the stars.

— Ralph Marston

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