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Tomorrow morning the critic will be gone, but the writer will still be there facing the blank page.
-- Steven Pressfield


Thursday, November 12, 1998

Discipline gets you there

Without self discipline, you’ll run up against things you just cannot accomplish. You may be able to get by for a while on charm, intelligence, and raw desire. Yet sooner or later there will be something which simply cannot be done without discipline.

We tend to think of discipline in negative terms, at times using the word interchangeably with “punishment,” as in “the student was disciplined for spray painting graffiti on the school property."

However, the only time discipline is negative is when it must be imposed on us by someone else. Self discipline, in contrast, is entirely positive and empowering. So you are left with a choice. You can neglect to exercise self-discipline and subject yourself to the discipline of others, which can often be harsh and painful. Or, you can discipline yourself and reap the many rewards.

— Ralph Marston

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