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-- Steve Martin


Wednesday, September 23, 1998


Have you ever wondered why you get frustrated? Of course, there are many different situations which lead to frustration.

But why frustration? Why do we get frustrated? Why do we even have that emotion in our repertoire? It is certainly not pleasant. So what is the point of frustration?

Frustration focuses us. No matter what triggers the frustration, the purpose for frustration to stimulate positive action. If we had no capacity for frustration, we would have to constantly endure those negative factors. But frustration gives us a way out.

Frustration comes when the reality of life does not match our vision.

There are, basically, two ways to end frustration -- either by giving up the vision or by making it a reality. Giving up is only a short term solution, because our true vision does not easily give up.

In your frustration, you can see your vision. And in your frustration, is the energy to attain that vision. Feel the frustration. Be thankful for it. Learn what it can teach you about yourself. And let it spur you into positive, life-changing action.

— Ralph Marston

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