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Reality consists of the experiences we believe are real. What is real may or may not be the same for everyone.
-- Harry Palmer


Tuesday, July 21, 1998


Have you ever turned down an unfamiliar road, just to see where it would lead? Maybe you got lost, yet you eventually found your way back. And in the process, you very likely discovered something new.

To make new discoveries, requires that you put yourself in unfamiliar territory. If you stick with the comfortable and the familiar, there will be many things that you’ll never even know about.

How often do you venture away from the familiar? How often do you meet new people, consider beliefs different from your own, try food that you’ve never eaten, or allow your assumptions to be challenged?

Going into unfamiliar territory will not destroy your old, comfortable world. Rather, it will expand your world, your vision, your knowledge and your possibilities. The next time you come across a road that you’ve never traveled -- whether it is an idea, a person, a belief system, or an actual road -- take a side trip and make your world a bigger, more interesting place.

— Ralph Marston

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