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Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.
-- Henri Bergson


Thursday, June 25, 1998

Looking back

The past is history, that is true. It cannot be changed. But when we ignore and fail to respect the past, we put the future at risk. Though the past cannot be changed, still it is valuable for what it can teach. Attempting to live in the past is folly. Yet learning from the past is the cornerstone of wisdom.

The past can be an entirely positive influence because we are able to take from it only that which is useful, and transcend the rest. The past is compelling only to the extent that we make it so.

Though the past has already happened and you cannot change it, you can take from it precisely what you want to take -- nothing more and nothing less. And because everything you currently know came from the past, that puts you in complete control of your life and your world. Your past does not control you. You control it. It influences you in whatever way you allow it to do so.

Take the best from the past, and use it to build your own bright future.

— Ralph Marston

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