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Every cultural flowering finds root and nourishment in an expansion of commerce and industry.
-- Will Durant


Monday, May 4, 1998

Getting what you pay for

Have you ever purchased something, and then discovered too late that you paid far too much for it, that you could have easily bought it for much less?

How would you feel if you bought a new television set, and then one week later saw the same model advertised for half of what you paid? It’s frustrating to think that you needlessly wasted good money.

Yet how much more frustrating would it be to discover that you’ve wasted something even more precious than money -- your time and your energy -- and received very little in return?

Think about it. Is the price you pay by being angry, worth what you get in return? Is the price you pay for being sad and depressed, worth the value you receive for it? What price are you paying when you’re spiteful, or resentful, or cynical? Are the benefits you receive worth the price you pay?

Life exacts a price as each moment passes by. What you get in return is up to you.

— Ralph Marston

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