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Love doesn't just sit there like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.
-- Ursula K. Le Guin


Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Look ahead

Waiting on the other side of your problem, there is a solution. On the other side of your discouragement, there is joy. Once you get through your trouble, it will be behind you. At the moment it may seem like everything is going wrong, because you’re seeing the world from a negative perspective. The way out is to work yourself through.

The world will look better when you resolve to make it better, when you take the disappointments in stride and refuse to let them stop you. You are better than the difficulties that now plague you. Work through them, put them behind you, and your life will be richer for the experience.

Look ahead, look beyond the disappointments of today. Remember where you’re headed. Keep the ultimate goal in mind. What seem to be setbacks are actually steps along the path. Just because you encounter a detour, doesn’t mean you must stop. Work your way through and you’ll move yourself ahead.

— Ralph Marston

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