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Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
-- Rollo May


Saturday, April 4, 1998


The construction of a building’s foundation places very definite limits on the building. Once the foundation is in place, the location and size of the building cannot be significantly changed. Once the foundation is created, design flexibility is greatly reduced. Yet without a strong, solid foundation, the building could not be constructed.

It is important to be flexible, and yet at some point in the process of achievement, flexibility must give way to steadfastness. In order for our choices to have value, we must select and commit to only certain ones of them. Choices are difficult. Saying yes to one means saying no to the rest.

Though you can have anything, you cannot have everything. Because to have everything, would be to have nothing. You must make a choice, or else your vast, wonderful possibilities will be of no use. You must lay a solid foundation on which to build accomplishment.

Though your possibilities are infinite, to achieve anything requires that you be definite. From all that is possible, make a choice. And then honor that choice with your effort and commitment.

— Ralph Marston

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