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There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
-- Oscar Levant


Monday, March 2, 1998

How many times?

How many times have you set out to change the world, and then grown discouraged at the first stumble? How many goals have you set and just plain forgotten? How many times have you been stopped in your tracks by the opinions of others? How many times have you produced excuses instead of results?

How many more times will you settle for less that you’re capable of becoming? Aren’t you ready to really live your life for everything it’s worth?

This moment, right now, is connected directly to your future. You only need to live with passion, purpose and commitment for a single moment, and then for the next moment, and the next, one after another. Soon you will be well on your way to true achievement of anything you desire. You can completely control what you’re doing right now. Try it and see how powerful it feels. You are not at the mercy of excuses or circumstances. The challenges are real, to be sure, but are no match for the power of your continued focused effort.

One moment at a time, one moment after another, will take you all the way to your brilliant, joyful future. Any moment will do for a start. Make it this one.

— Ralph Marston

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