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This is a world of action, and not for moping and droning in.
-- Charles Dickens


Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Cause and effect

Results are accessible only through their causes. You cannot create results directly, by simply wishing them into existence. Rather, you must take the specific set of actions, over time, that will bring about the result.

Everything that has ever been accomplished, is the result of certain actions, taken in a certain sequence, to produce a result. This is true for desirable as well as undesirable results. Every result has a cause in action. Every action has an effect.

There is something you can do, that will bring you the life you want. There are certain actions you can take, that will cause the achievement of the things you desire. Nothing can prevent the result, when the needed action is taken with commitment and persistence.

It is indeed a simple concept. The road to success and achievement is there for all to see. You can get on that road today, or tomorrow, or never. The choice is up to you.

— Ralph Marston

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