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Thorough preparation makes its own luck.
-- Joe Poyer


Friday, February 20, 1998

Let’s pretend

Children love to play pretend, and in the process they learn how to play for real. It is a wonderful learning and development tool, no matter what your age. If you’re having trouble getting yourself to act in a particular way, pretend it first. Soon, the pretending will give way to reality.

For example, imagine that your goal is to be a salesperson who regularly exceeds your quota and earns big bonuses and commissions. You would start by pretending that you’re a top salesperson, in every action you take. In the way you carry yourself, in the way you talk, your confidence level, the time you arrive at work, the intensity and commitment with which you follow up leads, in the people you associate with, the clothes you wear, the publications you read, your willingness to do whatever it takes, pretend that you’re a high-achieving salesperson. As you can see, the exercise of pretending will compel the actions which bring about the reality of actually being who you’re pretending to be.

In the process of truly pretending to be the person you want to become, you will take the necessary actions and develop the essential attitude that will in fact propel you toward being that person. Pretend, and soon you’ll no longer be pretending.

— Ralph Marston

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