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Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.
-- Kenneth Hildebrand


Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Not Always

Things are not always what they seem. Those with the most power are often the ones who exercise it the least. The smartest people are the ones who often say “I don’t know.” Many times, it is more loving to be firm than to give in. The best potential customer can sometimes be the one who at first appears the least impressive.

Because life is not always what it seems, we must learn to think, consider and act, rather than simply react. When you react in a predictable fashion, it permits others to easily control you. To control your own life, you must think for yourself and look beyond the obvious.

Every day is full of new possibilities, and every situation is different. What was true in the past, may no longer be. What seems to be obvious, may not be at all as it first appears.

Take the time, make the effort to see what is really there. You’ll find opportunities that no one else has discovered.

— Ralph Marston

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