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No person is important enough to make me angry.
-- Carlos Castenada


Monday, February 2, 1998

Start where you are

Start from where you are. Wishing for a different past will only waste your time. Old failures can not hold you back unless you let them.

From where you are right now, you can get to anywhere you want to be -- if you will make the commitment to do it. Waiting until things are better, or hoping that the road will somehow get easier, will only stall your progress and lead to regret.

Right now, right where you are, is the time to begin making your life the best you can imagine. The disappointments of the past are behind you, and a brand new day awaits.

What do you know you could accomplish? Who is the person you truly were meant to be? Right where you are is a great place to start. When you woke up this morning the past had ended. Now you can start to really live.

— Ralph Marston

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