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-- Latin Proverb


Wednesday, December 6, 1995

More Success affirmations

Thanks to Ken Leonard for these:

My life is an exciting adventure filled with opportunities and rewards.

My life overflows with all kinds of good.

My mind has unlimited power.

My prosperity contributes to the prosperity of others.

Now! Today I conform to my highest ideals.

The demands of life awaken the greatness that lies within me.

The power within me helps create my life the way I want it to be.

The universe provides for my every want and need.

Today I acknowledge my successes, enjoy them, and build on them.

Today I act with assurance, confidence and grace.

Today I am able to see the big picture.

Today I am committed to my goals and my success is assured.

Today I am committed to results.

Today I am determined to follow through until finished.

Today I am eager to give more than I am paid for.

Today I am eager to meet all challenges with pleasure.

Today I am eager to work, to think, to make my contribution.

Today I am lucky because I do what needs to be done by me.

Today I am rich because I am courageous.

Today I am willing to risk, to put it all on the line.

Today I bring solutions, not complaints, as my contribution.

Today I firmly take charge of me.

Today I meet problems with confidence and poise.

Today I recommit to my highest goals.

Today I remember that my real source of strength is within.

Today I start a new habit, the habit of joy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Today I take charge of my emotions, desires and abilities.

Today I take the first steps towards my goal.

Today I will be persistent in all that I do.

Today I will keep my feet on the ground while moving toward my goals.

Today is full of new opportunities and I will make the most of them.


— Ralph Marston

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