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Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
-- John Kenneth Galbraith


Monday, November 13, 1995

Powerful language

As you sit in front of your computer screen, letting your eyes follow each word, you can begin to discover how the use of powerful language patterns will allow you to succeed beyond your wildest expectations. And as you think about how that might happen, and listen to the ideas inside your own thoughts, you may find that you get excited at how much the right combination of word patterns can help you to reach your goals. In fact, as you feel the excitement beginning to build, you’ll want to learn more about how you can use powerful language in your life.

Among all the tools available to you, language is easily the most flexible and powerful. As you consider how difficult it would be to communicate without it, you naturally realize the importance of language. And just like any tool, language becomes more powerful as you learn the right way to use it.

Because language is so deeply ingrained in your thought process, the right combination of words can actually change your thinking. As you become aware of the power of language patterns such as “cause and effect", you expand your effectiveness beyond anything you had ever thought possible.

When you think about it, all beliefs are expressed in terms of cause and effect. Think for a moment about something you believe in. Write it down. Let’s look at an example. Suppose your belief is something like this:

"I believe in free enterprise."

That’s really only half of it. To get the other half, insert the word “because” and finish the statement.

"I believe in free enterprise because it allows people the ability to decide their own destiny."

Now, the amazing thing is that because you state something using a cause and effect pattern, people naturally and easily accept it -- even if it makes no logical sense. Why is this? The way our minds process language causes anything stated in a cause and effect pattern to be believed at a very deep level.

As you carefully study the wording of this article, you’ll easily understand what I’m talking about. Look at the use of the words “because", “causes", “as", and “and". When you know what to look for, you’ll see what I mean.

Does it really work? You be the judge. How do you feel about the information you’ve just read? Do you believe it? Ask yourself why. I’ve provided almost no logical proof to you, I’ve simply presented the information using a powerful language pattern. Because of the way it is stated, you naturally believe what I am saying.

Try this for yourself for a few days. As an experiment, try to use “cause and effect” in the statements you make to other people, and to yourself as well. Experience for yourself how this powerful use of language can expand your horizons.

— Ralph Marston

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