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Provision for others is a fundamental responsibility of human life.
-- Woodrow Wilson


Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Time to ripen

Sometimes you can create results very quickly. Many times, though, you must have some patience.

Flowers won’t bloom any faster than flowers bloom, no matter how aggressively you work at it. Indeed, giving them too much attention and handling can actually damage them and prevent them from blooming.

The same is true for all sorts of endeavors. You have to be ambitious and diligent about doing the work, and patient about getting the results.

But that’s really not such a bad thing. Because the longer you must wait, the more you value and appreciate whatever you’re waiting for.

Patience is not merely being idle and dispassionate. Rather, it’s an understanding and acceptance of the fact that good things can take time to fully emerge.

Give the desired results in your life the time they require, the time they deserve, the time that brings meaning and richness. Do swiftly and eagerly what you must do, and go forward with patience as the fruits of your labor take time to ripen.

— Ralph Marston

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