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All glory comes from daring to begin.
-- Eugene F. Ware


Saturday, February 3, 2024

Enriching choices

Every day you have a strictly limited amount of time. The more of that time you can spend on what you love, on what you care about, on what you’re fascinated and fulfilled by, the better.

When you’re fully engaged, you’re fully alive. And whether or not it has any impact on anyone’s financial bottom line, you’re creating value.

Many of the results of your efforts can be measured. But not all the outcomes that matter can be quantified.

Nonetheless, those outcomes affect the quality of your life. That’s well worth considering when choosing how to live each day.

There are reasons why you love, reasons you care, reasons you’re curious, good reasons why you feel drawn in specific directions. Even if you can’t fully articulate those reasons, it’s important to respect them and to follow where they point you.

Your time is limited, your options are limitless, and that dichotomy compels you to choose. Make those choices wise and enriching ones by being clear about what matters most.

— Ralph Marston

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