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Mighty things from small beginnings grow.
-- John Dryden


Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Encourage yourself

Discouragement is a choice, not a foregone conclusion. Inspiration and encouragement are better, more empowering choices, and they’re just as readily available to you.

The realities of life are not affected by your attitude. But you are, and the way you see things affects how well you deal with them.

When circumstances are not in your favor, it’s more important than ever for your own outlook to be in your favor. Give yourself an advantage by being a persistently positive influence in your own life.

If you’ve had the good fortune to be encouraged by someone else, you know how helpful it can be. And even when there’s no one around to offer encouragement, you’re fully capable of encouraging yourself.

Think of the best that can happen, then tap into the energy of those thoughts. Harness that energy and take action in the direction of your desired results.

Encouraging yourself is not a magic bullet to solve all your problems, yet it’s a lot better than doubling down on discouragement. The fact is, your attitude can make a difference, so by all means use it to your advantage.

— Ralph Marston

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