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Your fortune is not something to find but to unfold.
-- Eric Butterworth


Friday, September 15, 2023

Changing your mind

You’re allowed to change your mind. It can actually be a refreshing thing to do, not to mention helpful, productive, and insightful.

It won’t kill you to admit to yourself or others that you were mistaken. Perhaps it could even make the situation a whole lot better.

Sure, it’s a blow to your pride when you acknowledge being wrong, particularly if you’ve been adamant about your position. But is your pride really more important than the truth?

Sincere, honest people admire open-mindedness, and for good reason. Being truly open minded involves an eagerness to change your mind when that’s what the facts call for.

It’s an act of freedom, an act of integrity. It serves to better align you with truth and reality.

When circumstances make it necessary and appropriate, change your mind. Improve your perspective and improve your world.

— Ralph Marston

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