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Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win.
-- Bernadette Devlin


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Full goodness of right now

No matter the situation, you can always come up with a reason to be unhappy, or worried, anxious, fearful. And because those negative emotions are always available, always possible, you never have to hold on to them.

You become uptight because you anticipate certain difficulties or discomforts that are likely to arise in the near future. Yet the reality of right now is just fine, and you have the opportunity to experience a peaceful and productive moment.

Imagine letting go of all anxieties about the future and all resentments about the past. Consider how liberating that is.

Your time is right now. Give to this time, and to yourself, the benefit of your full awareness, uncorrupted by worries, fears, or angers.

You are wise to be concerned about potential troubles that loom just over the horizon. And yet in this moment that’s now yours, you have the opportunity to strengthen and fortify yourself.

Allow the full goodness of right now, unperturbed by what has been, by what might be. Now, feel your strength, your purpose, your resilience, your ability, and carry it all forward to successfully meet whatever may come.

— Ralph Marston

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