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-- Janos Arnay


Saturday, July 22, 2023

What you should do

It’s what you should do, right? But what if it isn’t?

You assume you should stack today’s activities in a certain way because, well, that’s the way you’ve always done it. Yet perhaps there’s another approach that would work better, would give you access to more enriching possibilities.

You say what you should say, react as you should, and feel the way you should. Consider how much of it all is based on well entrenched assumptions and habits.

Those habits and assumptions can be helpful most of the time. But that doesn’t mean they’re your best choice all the time.

You can always ask yourself whether the path you’re about to take is merely because you think you should or because it’s actually the best option at the moment. Don’t let an assumption of what you should be doing limit the choices of what you could be doing.

Sometimes you can discover great new value outside the familiar territory of what you assume you should do. The world is bigger than you previously thought and the possibilities more numerous than you’ve yet considered, so be sure not to box yourself in.

— Ralph Marston

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