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Generosity generates income.
-- Seth Godin


Monday, July 3, 2023

Not a problem

You are skilled at solving problems and eager to do so. But that in itself can be a problem.

Because a few problems are best left alone. Sometimes your efforts to address a particular problem could be put to more valuable and effective use elsewhere.

Indeed, some problems are problems solely because you assume them to be. Just because you don’t like a particular situation doesn’t mean it’s harmful or threatening.

When you attempt to solve problems that aren’t really problems you can actually make things worse. Seek instead to focus your problem-solving skills where they can make a measurable, meaningful difference.

When a problem comes to your attention, before you jump into action, ask yourself. Is it really a problem the requires your irreplaceable time and attention?

If so, put your skills and resources to work on improving the situation. But if not, have the strength and confidence to simply let it be.

— Ralph Marston

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