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Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.
-- Clarence Day


Friday, April 7, 2023

Forgotten options

You have good options that you’re not exercising. How do you put yourself in a place where you can see them?

Most of the time those options remain hidden behind your assumptions and habitual routines. It’s helpful to occasionally take a break from those routines, to question those assumptions.

Imagine another person looking at your life from a radically different perspective. What would that person see?

What resources, connections, opportunities, and skills would that person observe? What bodies of knowledge, what interests, what values would that person be able to detect?

In your life you’ve made lots of choices, and once you choose a particular option you tend to forget about all the others. But many of those options are still available to you and might be more attractive now.

Get a little curious about the options you’ve forgotten or never even realized you had. You might even find some that can change your life.

— Ralph Marston

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