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Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.
-- Margaret Chase Smith


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Desire what is

Fulfillment is yours when you allow it. To have what you desire is a simple matter of desiring what you have.

That doesn’t stop you from being ambitious and making new progress. On the contrary, it gives you the confidence and courage to continue moving forward.

If you fear that what you have tomorrow could be somehow less than what you have today, that fear will hold you back. If, on the other hand, you know you can choose to be truly satisfied with whatever you have, the fear dissolves.

Today you are whole, and complete, and have everything necessary for happiness and fulfillment. A month from now, or years into your future, that will continue to be true.

Over time your fulfillment will be expressed in many different ways. Yet as long as you allow it to exist within you, it is a positive force in your life.

Desire what is. And connect yourself with all the good that is present and possible.

— Ralph Marston

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