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If there is no wind, row.
-- Latin Proverb


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Establish momentum

Momentum is strong, and yet you can be stronger. Momentum exerts persistent power, and you can swing that power to the direction where it works in your favor.

When you’re doing nothing, the default path is to continue doing nothing. Fortunately, even the slightest bit of intentional activity can change that path.

Laying in bed, it’s all too easy to continue laying in bed. Even so, just one little positive and ambitious thought can get you out of bed and into action.

Follow that action with one more and you’ve shifted into an active momentum. You can then ride that momentum as far as you want it to go, one action at a time.

When you sense that you could benefit from a change in momentum, take the initiative. Make the first small step, followed by another.

Once you’re in motion you’re much more likely to stay in motion. Establish some positive momentum and make use of it for the benefit of all.

— Ralph Marston

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