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The real secret to success is enthusiasm.
-- Walter Chrysler


Thursday, December 1, 2022

Move beyond success

If you let success go to your head, you seriously compromise the possibility of future success. Acknowledge your success, thank others who do so, and then move on from it.

Every success fades with time. Make the choice not to fade along with it.

Your past successes are what you’ve done, but don’t pretend that they define who you are. See yourself as a humble inhabitant of the present, eager to make a difference.

Both success and failure provide valuable experience you can call upon again and again. Rather than becoming complacent and arrogant about the good you’ve done, focus the power of that experience in an active and beneficial direction.

One of the best things about success is the increased opportunity it can provide. With gratitude and humility, set about to transform that opportunity into new value.

Spend a few minutes celebrating the win, then get busy working on the next challenge. From every success, quietly begin to create another.

— Ralph Marston

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