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Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.
-- Seth Godin


Friday, November 25, 2022

This life you have

You can make life a little more peaceful, one word, one moment, one encounter at a time. You can make life a little more supportive, more encouraging and reasonable.

You can bring a bit of joy to the moments, the places, the people you come across. You can offer a smile, a gentle encouragement, a positive presence wherever you go.

Resist the urging of your ego to latch on to some elaborate plan designed to save the world. Simply love life, and the people who are living it, and proceed accordingly.

You can make beneficial use of the power that comes from leading by example rather than by guilt, shame, or pronouncement. Your own authenticity can bring out the authentic side in those around you.

There’s no prerequisite or condition necessary for you to live and express your love for life. Love life because it is good, and because you can.

Love this life you have, and let that love lead to rich experience, knowledge, and understanding. Love life, and put your time and energy into supporting all you love.

— Ralph Marston

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