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Friday, November 11, 2022

Not what you expected

Just because you have realistic expectations does not guarantee reality will match those expectations. Live the experience as it is, even when it’s not what you thought it would be.

You might be pleasantly surprised, or you could face unexpected challenges. It’s possible you’ll encounter opportunities you didn’t consider or complications you couldn’t anticipate.

Adapting to the unexpected requires flexibility, effort, and creativity. When your expectations are off the mark, let go of them quickly so you can focus attention where it will do the most good.

Make informed, experienced guesses about what is likely to happen, and prepare accordingly. Then be ready to adjust your actions based on what actually does happen.

Sometimes life will not be as good as you expected, and other times it will be much better. In every case, embrace what is and make use of your considerable ability to identify and to live the goodness that’s in it.

Be informed and inspired by your expectations while not being limited by them. Whatever you expect and whatever happens, let life’s treasures continue to come.

— Ralph Marston

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