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-- Robert Collyer


Saturday, September 3, 2022

Make the commitment

Sometimes you can choose from a wide range of options, and other times you must go with the only one you have. In each case there are advantages and disadvantages.

Options provide you with great flexibility but they can also be difficult. When much is riding on a choice, making that choice has a way of being stressful and burdensome.

A lack of options is limiting but also in some ways liberating. When you have no choices, you don’t need to spend time or energy choosing, and can jump straight into whatever must be done.

When you have a options, choose one and then move forward with it. When you don’t have a choice, accept the situation and make it your business to move forward from it.

Whether there are dozens of paths across the landscape or just one, you must do the work to traverse a single path. Once you begin, once you commit, any options you may or may not have previously had become irrelevant.

So go ahead and make the commitment, no matter how many options you do or do not have. Make your way forward, step after step, from wherever you are able to begin.

— Ralph Marston

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