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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke


Monday, August 22, 2022

Make time your friend

The world is always enticing you to live for the moment. Just remember that the moment will soon pass.

The consequences of what you do right now, or fail to do, can be immense. And they continue to impact your life for a long time to come.

Yes, live well in the moment and make the most of it. But don’t do so at the expense of all your future moments.

When you pursue a small, immediate pleasure, are you sacrificing long-term fulfillment or well being? Make sure the cost you will eventually pay does not far outweigh whatever benefit you get right now.

Even better, choose actions now that result in continuing value later. Invest your present moments while you have them rather than mortgaging your future before you even get there.

Live and act such that whatever you do today makes tomorrow better, not worse. With your choices, make time your friend, enabling it to bring you a good and fulfilling future.

— Ralph Marston

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