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It is necessary; therefore, it is possible.
-- G A Borghese


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

In between the extremes

A pendulum can only swing so far in one direction. At some point its upward momentum will no longer overcome the force of gravity pulling it down.

In a similar way, the worse any situation becomes, the more pressure there is to end the negative momentum. Eventually that pressure results in real and powerful improvements.

Then, after a while, the reverse happens. Things get good, people become complacent, and troubles begin to eat away at the positive momentum.

When a particular fashion becomes too popular, too commonplace, it begins to lose its fashionable appeal. If something has been out of style so long no one remembers it, suddenly it arises as the latest thing.

What now seems like an overwhelming force will eventually turn into a distant, fuzzy memory. What’s not even on the radar today could be the main thing people are talking about a year from now.

In between the extremes, there’s a whole lot of good you can do. And if you’re not there right now, you very soon will be.

— Ralph Marston

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