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I accept the universe!
-- Margaret Fuller


Friday, January 14, 2022

Quality time

Give quality time to yourself. Give quality time to others.

Spend time doing what helps you feel good about yourself, about the people around you, about the world you live in. Do what improves your health, your relationships, your understanding, your sense of well being.

Seek out areas of your daily life where you can add your own unique flavor of excellence. Devote time, thought, and effort to increase the amount of joy in your world.

The moments you focus on quality will continue to bring benefits long after those moments have passed. The joys you add to the experience of life can never be taken away.

Each day you have a finite amount of time available. Make it your mission to spend that time enhancing, enjoying, and sharing life’s best qualities.

Enable life to more fully experience its own richness. With your attitude, your outlook and your actions, make as much of your time as you can into quality time.

— Ralph Marston

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