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It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.
-- Bear Bryant


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Improve understanding

If you always assume you are correct, before long you will never be correct at all. Your knowledge retains its value and relevance by being challenged.

Think of something you are certain about, then ask yourself this. What if it were not actually true?

In considering how and why and in what aspects you could be wrong, you work your way toward being more genuinely right. In challenging your certainties and assumptions, you improve their usefulness and truthfulness.

When others disagree with you, is your first impulse to work at convincing them toward your point of view? A more fruitful strategy could be to explore their perspective, respectfully and in detail.

You can do more convincing and more learning with questions than with statements. When you sincerely seek to understand you will gain valuable understanding, and you will be much more clearly understood.

If the only thing you do with your point of view is broadcast it, you’re causing it to become stale and useless. Choose instead to engage with other viewpoints in the service of understanding, cooperation, and real progress.

— Ralph Marston

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