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Courage, trust, truth, love. Even unto your enemy... which is yourself.
-- Jordan B. Peterson


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Steadfast and friendly

Be kind, be generous, be friendly, be helpful, all while standing your ground. You can be nice without compromising your values and your intentions.

It’s great when you can be pleasant and cordial. But it’s not in anyone’s best interest to let others take advantage of your desire to please.

You know who you are, and what matters to you. You know what’s acceptable to you and what’s not.

You can be generally agreeable without having to specifically agree with what you know isn’t right. You can be pleasant while still refusing to tolerate destructive behavior.

You can be firm without being spiteful, you can be steadfast without being rude. You can smile just as genuinely when saying no as when saying yes.

This world can always benefit from more friendliness. Offer that friendliness while always staying true to who you are and to all you value.

— Ralph Marston

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