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The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
-- Walter Bagehot


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Promises to keep

You’ve made promises to yourself, promises to others, promises to life. Do what you can to keep those promises.

You’ve always had potential, and have accumulated even more potential as time has passed. Do all you can to fulfill the best of that potential.

It’s tempting to settle in, hide away, be satisfied with what you’ve done, and leave it at that. But you have promises to keep, possibilities still waiting for you to bring them to life.

Today you can work to deliver on all the good promises you’ve made. Today you can live your life according to how you always said you would and expected you would.

Nothing is holding you back from doing so other than your own choices. Whether your promises result in achievement or disappointment is up to you.

You know how good you’ve envisioned life to be, how good you’ve promised it can be. Now is your chance to make good on that promise.

— Ralph Marston

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