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All is flux; nothing stays still.
-- Heraclitus


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What could you imagine?

What you imagine does not exist. What you imagine can in many ways be more real than anything else in your life.

What you imagine influences what you see, what you do about it, who you listen to, how you respond. What you imagine sets the scene for the way you live your life.

Take a deep breath, then think of all you care about, all you wonder about, all you dream, all you love. Then ask yourself a couple of questions.

What do you imagine? What could you imagine?

Imagine the present in a way that energizes you, motivates you, disciplines you, balances you, challenges you. Imagine the future in a way that entices you to make life better for all who live it.

You live in a world of material reality that you cannot successfully deny. Yet with imagination you can rise above that reality and find countless ways of shaping it to everyone’s benefit.

— Ralph Marston

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