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Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
-- Kahlil Gibran


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Richness in quality

You cannot do everything at once. Yet you can do one thing at a time, and that is always a priceless opportunity.

Your commitment to one particular path is not what causes you to miss out on everything else. For even without that choice you would not have been able to do all those other things.

What you can do is travel down one road at a time. What you can do is experience life as it comes to you with no regrets or second thoughts about what could have been.

Don’t let your fear of missing out prevent you from choosing and committing to the good things you can experience. You cannot taste all the flavors of ice cream today but you can get great enjoyment by choosing one.

If it were indeed possible to have it all, then nothing at all would be special. Joy comes not from experiencing everything but rather from giving yourself fully to whatever you are experiencing.

You’ll find much more richness in quality than you will in quantity. Your best choice is the one you make, and the one you treasure with the way you live it.

— Ralph Marston

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