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To create is to live twice.
-- Albert Camus


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Let life be beautiful

Self-imposed misery does not provide anything of any value to anyone. Let it go, and let life be beautiful.

Stop any obsession you might have with taking offense, giving offense, cataloging and enumerating all the offenses and potential offenses. Step back, chill out, and let life be beautiful.

Enjoy experiences that you did not expect or plan. See the beauty in what you cannot control or possess.

Have faith that what is built on truth will outlast and overpower all that is not. Uphold your values by living them rather than by merely preaching about them.

Recognize the beauty that exists in your own uniqueness, and in the uniqueness of each person you encounter. At the same time, see the beauty of your connection to all that is.

Life is endlessly difficult yet you have the power to transcend that difficulty. Despite it all, and because of it all, you can let life be beautiful.

— Ralph Marston

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