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Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
-- G K Chesterton


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Conceptual understanding

When you struggle to find an answer, you’ll understand it much better than if the answer is simply handed to you. When you debate with yourself or others about what to do, you’ll reach a more complete understanding of why you’re doing it.

Knowing what to do is valuable. Yet grasping the concept behind it will make you extraordinarily more creative and flexible.

You’ll spend a little more time upfront to learn the concept rather than just learning the procedure. Yet that investment in your own understanding will pay for itself many times over.

Know the concept, and you can transfer success in one situation to success in a radically different situation. Know the concept behind what you’re doing, and you can discover workable procedures that no one else has ever considered.

Why does one procedure succeed while others fail? What is the fundamental process at work, and how can its truth and effectiveness be applied in other arenas?

Dig a little deeper and give yourself the power of conceptual understanding. It’s a power you can continue to build upon and use to great advantage.

— Ralph Marston

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