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Sloth makes all things difficult; industry all easy.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Informed by clarity

Even if it’s not such a good place to be, still it is good to know where you stand. Clarity has great value.

When you’re clear about where you are, you can develop and activate a strategy to get where you wish to be. With a detailed view of the situation, you can make specific improvements to that situation.

That’s a whole lot better than denying the situation exists. And it’s a whole lot better than having your view of reality obscured or misrepresented.

Before you solidify your opinion, seek as much clarity as you can get. Before you commit to a plan of action, know clearly what you’re getting into.

Your mind can visualize anything, extrapolating small anecdotes into large trends, and that can often be helpful. Yet it can also lead you to see what was never really there and never will be.

Clarity gets you back into alignment with reality. When your powerful imagination and passion are well-informed by clarity, there are plenty of great things you can do.

— Ralph Marston

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