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No one has less serenity than the person who does not know what is right or wrong.
-- Ryan Holiday


Friday, September 11, 2020

Unseen goodness

Life’s goodness is precious. Like other precious things, goodness is often hidden.

There is much goodness you can see. There is more goodness you cannot see.

You appreciate and marvel at the goodness that’s apparent to you. You benefit greatly from goodness you never even know about.

Extending all over the world and throughout history, unseen goodness brings value into your life. You’re able to enjoy and thrive in this moment because of countless positive choices, past and present.

The vast majority of those choices aren’t announced with loud fanfare. They are simple, humble acts of ordinary people, adding to life’s goodness one step at a time.

You live upon a legacy of unseen goodness. Treasure it, respect it, make good use of it, add to it, and pass it on.

— Ralph Marston

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