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The past doesn't equal the future.
-- Anthony Robbins


Monday, August 24, 2020

Live with excellence

What are you doing to add more excellence to your life? What are you doing to create new excellence in the world?

You spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on protecting and maintaining your life and your lifestyle. Make sure you’re putting it all to good use.

You have what it takes to create excellence right now, and every day. This is your time to transform that opportunity into reality, into value, into excellence.

What exactly would that excellence be? It’s whatever you sincerely choose it to be, whatever goodness you want to give to life.

Yes, the world is greatly troubled, and that makes excellence a challenging pursuit. It also makes excellence more necessary than ever.

Any moment you’re not creating excellence is a moment you can improve upon. Live with excellence, give to life the best you have, and work to make life the best it can be.

— Ralph Marston

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