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The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Be for what you are for

Don’t get angry at those who oppose you. Get smart, get creative, get energetic, get busy.

When you fight against a person, an idea, an institution, you’re not fighting on your own terms. You’re fighting on their terms, putting yourself at a severe disadvantage.

Instead, dig deeper and connect with the positive vision behind what you support. Craft an authentic, compelling story that inspires you and attracts others to join you.

Be for what you are for, in full and passionate support of what you love and care about. Rather than getting drawn into fighting, put your time and effort into building, maintaining, strengthening.

Raise yourself to a higher level than those who would go against you. Create so much enrichment and affirmation that their negativity is rendered irrelevant.

If all you can think to do is complain and oppose, think some more. Zero in on what makes you care so much, on what you seek to lift up, and aim yourself solidly in that direction.

— Ralph Marston

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