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Man can be defeated but not destroyed.
-- Ernest Hemingway


Saturday, July 25, 2020

What still works

When the problems are large and sudden and many, it can seem like nothing is working right. But that’s rarely the case.

Get a clear picture of all that’s wrong, but don’t let that be your only focus. Consider, appreciate, and make good use of what’s still right, of what works well and will continue to do so.

If a ship’s engine and rudder both stop working in mid ocean, that’s no reason to sink the ship. There are tools and materials on the ship with which you can make repairs.

You won’t solve the problem by dramatically demonstrating how bad it is. You’ll solve the problem by taking stock of your resources and putting them to good use.

Look for how you can adjust, revise, repair, re-prioritize. Find ways to fit what’s proven to work into addressing what’s broken.

A massive amount of time, energy, thought, and effort have led to this moment. Don’t abandon what still works just because things are not perfect.

— Ralph Marston

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