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The more you care, the stronger you can be.
-- Jim Rohn


Monday, July 20, 2020

Strong intention

When your intention is strong, you adapt, you innovate, you improve. When your intention is strong, whatever stands in the way becomes the way.

People can oppose your specific actions. But no one can change your intention unless you choose to change it.

With a strong, meaningful intention, every success is a success, and every failure is also a success. Point your intention in a precise direction, and each twist of circumstance will propel you in that very direction.

When one path becomes blocked you’ll find another. You’ll take every setback in stride, knowing full well that it’s not permanent.

Do you feel that the world is falling down around you, that nothing ever goes your way? Focus yourself upon an ambitious, meaningful intention, and immediately see things differently.

When life gets challenging, challenge it back with a force that’s directly connected to your purpose. Engage the entirety of your effectiveness with the power of intention.

— Ralph Marston

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